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Focus on Pharmaceutical Process Membrane Filtration, Elios Biotech CompliesA Round of Financing

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Recently, Arios Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Arios") announced the completion of a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing by the latitude venture capital and Junlian capital co-led investment, Shanghai Yi water flow mountain and other investors to invest. This round of financing funds will be used for the construction of the Elios membrane research and development center, the construction and scale-up of the production base of filter products for pharmaceutical processes, and the expansion of the professional team.

Arios was established in 2021, focusing on the development and application of supporting technology products for pharmaceutical processes, and is committed to providing pharmaceutical companies with high-quality separation and purification solutions that meet domestic and foreign regulatory requirements. With reference to GMP requirements, Arios has built its own production bases in Shanghai Lingang and Hangzhou, with process development laboratories, verification laboratories, and filtration product research and development centers, and has established a research and development team led by membrane technology scientists to better Protect the supply chain security of Chinese pharmaceutical companies, help users optimize drug development and production processes, and improve drug production safety. Arios holds the corporate values of cooperation, integrity, respect and responsibility to help the innovation and development of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises. Just as the name "Ellios" implies, Ellios is committed to becoming a shining star in the global pharmaceutical process industry chain.



Arios, said, "with the vigorous development of China's biopharmaceutical industry, the bioprocess market in the upstream of the industrial chain is showing a trend of rapid growth. As one of the downstream cores of bioprocess, membrane filtration has a global market size of more than 40 billion yuan in 2021, and the domestic market is nearly 4 billion yuan. Bioprocess membrane filtration technology spans the two major fields of" new materials "and" biomedicine "in the" Made in China 2025 "strategy. How to do a good job of technological transformation and industrial links in the two fields is to break through the" stuck neck "technology in this field. key. Since its inception, Arios has actively formed a team of experts in related fields, with the concept of innovation-driven and quality-first, aiming to create high-quality membrane filtration products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights. I hope to contribute to the development of China's high-end manufacturing and China's biopharmaceuticals."

Jingwei Venture Capital, said: "Arios is another early layout of our life science tools. The company's main teams are all from the top foreign companies in the field of biomedical membrane filtration. Soon after its establishment, it has established standard production bases in Shanghai Lingang and Hangzhou Xiasha, and completed product verification for many mainstream customers. In the post-epidemic era, we believe that the professional understanding of customer processes and the research and development capabilities of the underlying materials are the core of the long-term competition in the future. It is expected that the Arios team will continue to introduce high-quality products and contribute to the safety and stability of the core supply chain upstream of biomedicine in China."

Junlian Capital, said: "The rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has increased the market demand for key pharmaceutical filtration consumables. The Sino-US trade dispute and the new crown epidemic have made local biopharmaceutical enterprises urgently need to stabilize the supply chain. The pressure of centralized procurement costs has driven local pharmaceutical enterprises to pursue cost-effective filtration process solutions. At present, foreign enterprises still account for an important market share in the pharmaceutical filtration consumables industry, and local enterprises have greater room for development; the founding team and backbone of Arios have a tacit cooperation and strong execution. Arios has been deeply engaged in the biopharmaceutical consumables industry for more than 10 years, is familiar with pharmaceutical technology and filtration technology, understands market demand and customer pain points, and has many years of lean production management experience. Many of the company's products have been initially introduced to the market and customer feedback is positive. We believe Arios will accelerate its development and make continuous efforts with the help of capital, we Junlian Capital will also continue to provide assistance in optimizing the company's development strategy, management and operation support, and industrial connection cooperation."


※ Jingwei Venture Capital was founded in 2008, is the industry's long-term focus on early and early growth of long-term investment head venture capital institutions, focusing on new technology, hard technology, industrial digitization, medical, cutting-edge technology, new consumption and other areas of investment. At present, it has invested in more than 700 enterprises, including Xiaopeng Auto, Ideal Auto, Futu Securities, Che Dot Group, Hungry Noodles, Rongbai Technology, Jimi Technology, Mo Mo Mo, PingCap, Peijia Medical, Beisen, Zihi Pot, Jane Eyre, Mega Robot, Enhe Biology, Ai Di Weixin, etc.

※ Junlian Capital was established in April 2001. It is a fund management company under Legend Holdings that focuses on early-stage venture capital and growth-stage private equity investment. Over the course of two decades of development, Junlian Capital has followed internationally accepted standards and created best practices in fund operation and management. Through a proactive value-added service system, Junlian Capital promotes the innovation and growth of enterprises, and continues to create good investment returns in multiple investment fields while promoting China's industrial progress and social development. Junlian Capital takes "becoming an investment company with international influence" as its vision, adheres to the core values of "rich and reasonable", and actively practices social responsibility.

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