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Leaders from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information and Lingang Management Committee visited Alioth



November 6th, Ruan Li, Vice Director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, accompanied by Li Xiangcong, Vice Director of the High Technology Department of the Lingang Management Committee, and Wang Lin, General Manager of Shanghai Lingang Industrial Area Economic Development Co., Ltd., came to Alioth Biotech for enterprise exchange and research.


Alioth CEO Jia Qijun gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, research and development layout of filter membrane materials, and long-term planning, And he said, “As an innovative material and solution company which born and grows in Lingang, Alioth feels the vitality of Lingang, a hot land for entrepreneurship. Over the past two years, Alioth’s rapid development has been inseparable from the care, guidance, and strong support of the management committee and industrial area companies in various aspects such as industrial policy support, talent policies, and enterprise services. Alioth will continue to take root in Lingang in the future and be committed to contributing to the industrial synergy of new materials upstream and downstream in Shanghai Lingang area.”


During the talking, Vice Director Ruan Li showed strong interest in the application scenarios of filter membrane materials in various fields such as biomedicine, semiconductors, and new energy, and highly recognized Alioth' layout planning in the field of "new materials" in filter membranes.

Vice Director Ruan Li said, “The new material industry is one of the many key industries in Shanghai, and it is also one of the underlying technologies in many industries. It has a wide range of applications, multiple segmented fields, and good prospects. Every enterprise has the potential to become an 'invisible champion' in the segmented field. Shanghai has promoted membrane and fiber as two key areas of new materials, and is pleased that Alioth can layout and make good progress in the segmented field of filter membrane materials. We hope Alioth can participate in more exchanges and industrial collaboration in the new material industry chain, and relevant government departments will provide guarantees and support for enterprises in all aspects.

Vice Director Ruan Li (fourth left), Vice Director Li Xiangcong (third right), General Manager Wang Lin (second right) and other leaders took a group photo with CEO Jia Qijun (third left) of Alioth to mark the occasion





  About Company




Alioth is a biotechnology company focused on pharmaceutical process technology products, dedicated to providing high-quality separation and purification solutions that meet domestic and international regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical companies, assisting in the process optimization of drug research and development and production, and ensuring the supply chain security of local pharmaceutical companies.

To accelerate the breakthrough of the "choke point" technology of filter membrane materials, Alioth has established R&D centers for filter membrane materials and filter products in Boston, USA and Shanghai, China, and formed a R&D team led by life science scientists and materials scientists. With the application of pharmaceutical customers as the foothold, it aims to achieve innovation and breakthroughs in pharmaceutical filter membrane materials and filter products. Currently, the products under research and on the market include cartridge filters, capsule filters, disc filters, deep filters, hollow fibers, filter hardware systems, and laboratory filtration products.

In order to better ensure the supply chain security and drug production safety of pharmaceutical companies, Alioth has self-built dual production bases located in Shanghai Lingang and Hangzhou, as well as high-standard process development laboratories, verification laboratories, and quality laboratories, and passed ISO9001 audit in 2022.