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Disc Filter(PES 0.45 + 0.2 μm)

Product Introduction

Alioth Disc filter is disposable, commonly used for sample processing before chromatographic analysis and removal of particulate impurities in liquid or gases. It provides a very convenient way for filtering small volume samples, commonly found in volumes ranging from a few milliliters to several hundred milliliters. Because its filtration retention volume is very small, it can help customers reduce sample loss, and provide sterile and non sterile product categories, with strong flexibility in selection.


Product Properties

  • PES membrane material with high retention capacity
  • Can withstand moist heat sterilization and irradiation sterilization
  • Fiber free
  • Stable performance, Durable and sturdye
  • Selectable pore size: 0.45+0.2 μm,   Suitable for different feed liquids
  • Spec. 50 mm
  • Rich variety: moist heat sterilization non-sterile type (with item number ending A), EX-factory after irradiation sterile type is selectable (with item number ending B)
  • Integrity testing available
  • After irradiation sterilization,SAL can reach 10-6
  • Free from DNAse, RNAse, and pyrogen


Typical Applications

  • Pretreatment of HPLC samples
  • Small volume buffer solution filtration
  • Small volume culture media filtration
  • Small volume protein solution filtration


Product Characteristics

Product name Disc Filter ( Autoclavable ) Disc Filter ( Sterile )
Sterilization 135 °C, 60 minutes, 1 cycle of highpressure steam sterilizations gamma irradiation sterilization, SAL can reach 10-6
Membrane material PES
General dimensions diameter 50 mm
Pore Size 0.45+0.2 μm
Filtration Area 20 cm2
Materials of Construction Filter membrane: Polyethersulfone (PES)
Supporting housing: moist heat sterilization : Polypropylene (PP) ;
gamma irradiation sterilization type : MBS
Connection Type 6 mm hose barb coupler
Maximum Operating Temperature moist heat sterilization : 80 °C; gamma irradiation sterilization type : 50 °C
Maximum Inlet Pressure 4 bar @ 25 °C
Integrity Bubble point: 3800 mbar, water @ 25 °C
TOC/conductivity TOC < 500 ppb ( USP < 643 > ), Conductivity < 1.3 μS/cm ( USP < 645 > )
Endotoxin The endotoxin level < 0.25 EU/mL
Cleanliness The particulate matter comply with the regulations of USP < 788 >, the visible foreign objects comply with the regulations of 21 CFR
Biological safety All components comply with USP < 87 > < 88 > and USP < 665 >
Quality system All manufacturing follow the quality management system recognized by an ISO 9001 quality system certification body
Storage life 3 Years

Ordering Information

Product name Pore size Size Filter connector Package quantity Sterile type
D = Disc Filter EC52 = PES-C 0.45+0.2 μm 5 = diameter 50 mm B0 = 6 mm
hose barb coupler
20 = 20 pcs / PK A = Autoclavable
S = Sterile


For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.