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Electric heating sleeve


Product Introduction

Alioth Electrical Housing Heater is a cost-effective solution featuring low maintenance. Excellent thermal control is required in biopharmaceutical process. A housing heater can prevent steam from condensing at sterile exhaust ports, process filters, and pipeline systems, thus reducing the viscosity of filtered fluid. Alioth series of sanitary electrical housing heaters provide precise temperature control, advanced heating function and heat insulation effect. They are produced in strict accordance with new version of GMP specifications and meet the requirements for different specifications.

Product Properties

  • Convenient disassembly, easy installation, and convenient equipment cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • Excellent heat insulation effect, with a temperature control range from room temperature to 150°C
  • Control box, LED, IP 54
  • Reusable with a long service life
  • Flexible, easy to bend and bundle
  • Customize non-standard products as required
  • Environmentally friendly and pollution-free


Typical Applications

  • Exhaust port of hot water tank - to remove condensed water, which is in compliance with GMP requirements
  • Vacuum-breaking filter of freeze drier - to remove residual water after sterilization or integrity testing
  • Filtration of paste-like products - to reduce viscosity or liquidation


Housing Heater Parameters

Housing heater material Foamed silicone or silicate fiber
Insulating material Silicone-coated fiberglass composite material
Operating voltage 220 V
Heating material Nickel-chromium alloy
Output power Maximum output power: 617 W
Maximum outage temperature Set spontaneously according to the instrument
Temperature sensor K-type thermocouple
Thermal cut-off temperature setting Set spontaneously according to the instrument
Flame retardant performance Non-flammable, Class A fire rating
Degree of protection IP 54

Controller Parameters

Housing heater material PE plastic
Operating voltage 90 ~ 265 V
Recommended temperature setting range Room temperature-150°C
Maximum ambient temperature -20 ~ 75°C
Overcurrent protection at 23°C 10 A
Set temperature limit 10 A
Degree of protection -999 ~ 999°C
Design standard IP 54
Housing heater material Enterprise standard


Ordering Information


For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.