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Membrane Holder

Product Introduction

Alioth Membrane Holder is designed according to sanitary requirements and GMP standards. Combined with various materials and sizes of diaphragms produced by Alioth, it can be flexibly used at the diaphragm material selection stage of different processes in different industries. It is easy to clean and drain, poses no concerns about residual liquid, and can meet the relevant requirements of biopharmaceutical industry.
It can also be widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, food and beverages. At the same time, this membrane holder can also be compatible with diaphragms of the same diameter from different brands in the market, greatly facilitating customers to make flexible choices.


Product Properties

  • Sanitary design, which meets the strict regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical industry
  • Compliant with cGMP standards; effort-saving, safe and easy operation
  • Compatible with major brands of diaphragms in the market
  • Equipped with a low-point vent valve for easy removal of residual material liquid
  • Compatible with diaphragms from different brands
  • Adopt industry-standard chuck interface connection
  • Can be specially customized according to the requirements of customer


Product Applications

  • Liquid filtration
  • Diaphragm material selection
  • Process development


Product Characteristics

Material Stainless steel: SS 316 L, SS 304 L
Gasket: Silicone
Connector type Available in: Flange connectors 25 mm and 50 mm
Finish Available in: Mirror polishing, internal electrolytic polishing and external mechanical
Diameter Available in: 47, 90, 142, 200, 293 mm
Maximum operating conditions 0.6 MPa


Ordering Information

For further information, please contact us, Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.